It’s Time To Ditch This Four-Letter Word

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2019

We all do it. We all use this dirty, four-letter word every now and then. And now we need to stop. Because while it may seem harmless or insignificant, the word “just” is essentially a word that minimizes whatever follows it and is one of the worst 4 letter words we use regularly in our daily language. 

More often than not, using “just” translates into you communicating, “I am inadequate and I don’t measure up to your expectations.”  For example, one of the first questions we ask someone we meet at a party or meeting is, “What do you do?” The response might sound something like, “I am just a stay-at-home mom” or “I am just a Pilates instructor” or “I own a business, but it’s just something I run out of my house.” And if you really pay attention to it the responses that sneak in “just” are often made by women. It’s not often you hear a man diminish his career....

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I'm a Juggler

tips Nov 05, 2019

I’m a juggler. 

And most of the time, not a very good one. As an entrepreneur raising both a business and babies people often ask me “How do you do it all?”

Well…to be perfectly honest, I am not. I generally feel like I am not doing anything well…I am letting my team down at work, I am letting my family down at home, I am letting my friends down. Most of the time I live in one big feeling of failure. 

And that is no way to live. I realized I couldn’t be everything to everybody. I couldn’t keep all of those balls in the air and be the person I wanted to be, and be the mom my kids deserved,  and grow the company I wanted to grow. 

Nowhere is keeping a number of objects 'in the air' more prevalent (or necessary) than in running a small business. The further you move in the life cycle of a small business, the more balls you have to learn to juggle. 

The secret sauce to juggling is practice, persistence, and...

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These Three Beliefs are Keeping You Stuck in Your Business

tips Nov 05, 2019

Being an entrepreneur is far from glamorous. It is often filled with sleepless nights, multi-tasking, stress and overwhelm. From the outside looking in, things may appear as if it is all roses and lollipops, an easy journey that anyone can handle. But entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.  Ask even the most successful entrepreneurs if it was easy – most will undoubtedly shake their head. 

Some of this overwhelm and stress comes from the self-limiting beliefs that play on a continuous loop in our minds. Your mind can be your best buddy or worst enemy. This outline will help you decide if your brain is really friend or foe when it comes to the success of your business. 


1. The belief that hard work and hustle lead to success

So many entrepreneurs wear this as a badge of honor. I should know. I did this for a long long time. I was one of those people that swore no one would ever out work me. Instead of bringing me success it was a recipe for...

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5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Starting My Business

tips Nov 04, 2019

Building a business from scratch with no previous experience is both humbling and completely gratifying. While I view my many mistakes more as feedback rather than failures it would have been a smoother journey had someone shared this knowledge with me out of the gates.  

Here are 5 things I wish someone had told me before starting my business. Hoping they help shape the path of a new entrepreneur on the rise out there.  

  1. Investing in your business is a crucial piece of the equation. The old adage “It takes money to make money” holds real value in the world of small business success, especially when you are looking to grow and scale. As a new business owner several years ago, I remember being so scared to spend money. I skimped on anything that I felt wasn’t absolutely necessary to keep the doors open. It was suffocating. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over years it’s this: if you’re unwilling to invest in your own...
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