Say No to Anxiety: Keep Calm and Take Action

covid19 tips Apr 21, 2020

I hope you and your family are staying healthy and happy at home.


Because of the recent events, I have been hearing a lot of concerns from my clients and other business owners. Many of us are worried about our businesses closing or losing income and status, and your feelings are valid. 


However, we should not let our worries govern us. While it’s true that we can’t control what is happening around us, we can control our reaction to it. 


Anxiety only begets more anxiety. According to mental health experts, we tend to get trapped in false or limited ways of thinking when we are anxious. These thinking patterns can take over our lives by convincing us of impending doom and worsening our sense of helplessness.


But they can be avoided. Here are some ways to prevent your negative thought patterns and help you be productive during these stressful times: 


Control the thoughts that come through your head  

You may think, Oh...

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COVID-19 Quarantine and Homeschooling

covid19 tips Apr 16, 2020

Homeschooling and why it can actually be a good thing…

At this point, my company Pilates in the Grove in Miami has been closed for 21 days, the longest the business has ever been shut down. So I’ve been staying productive by thinking about relevant topics to talk to you about and some tips to share.


Recently, there’s been a lot of concern among parents about their kids possibly staying home for the rest of the school year. This leaves many parents anxious about their kids’ academic progress and the thought of homeschooling the next few months.


And because of that, I would love to share with you my firsthand homeschooling experience today...


Homeschooling my 7th grade son for 5 months. ‍

Let me preface this by saying that you should give yourself grace.


An abrupt transition to homeschooling can be a major inconvenience, but it is the safer alternative right now. And believe it or not, it can be a mutually fulfilling experience...

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Business Tips That Test "Positive" During Quarantine

Hi everyone.


Today, I’d like to share with you a quick run down of my FB Live last Tuesday with the topic: COVID-19 Q&A where I answered any and all business-related questions regarding how to navigate this “new normal”. 


I’ll also be sharing with you a couple of business tips and best practices that are working for Pilates in The Grove and that would hopefully work for your business too.


Without further ado, here are some of our Q&A highlights:


1. What is the “CARES Act” stimulus package?

The CoronaVirus Aid Relief Economic and Security act was passed last Friday, March 27th, with the guidelines yet to be official and applications to begin on or before April 3rd, Friday. 


Under this act is the PPP or Payroll Protection Program that should help people keep their team and staff and pay for operating expenses.


The application duration would be from April 3rd to June 30th for companies...

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My Struggle with Anxiety and Depression

personal Mar 16, 2020

My first child was born 2 weeks ahead of schedule on September 19, 2003 weighing it at a whopping 9 lbs 15 oz.  He was perfect. We had been looking forward to bringing him into the world and adding on to our little family. I can honestly say I had a pretty easy pregnancy (with the exception of carrying a large child) and delivery. Despite the size of our little boy, I was able to have an uneventful healthy delivery and after just three hard pushes we welcomed him into the world. Everything so far was going so perfectly…I had no idea what was awaiting me in the very near future.

As I look back, I started to know something was wrong about 3-4 days after bringing him home. I was unexpectedly hit with feelings that I did not comprehend and emotions I could not put into words. I felt as if a deep dark fog crept in which I could not pull myself out of.  

I was bewildered by what was occurring. We were ecstatic about the baby. We had done everything to get ready for...

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A Conversation on Conversion: What’s Really Going On?

social media tips Mar 12, 2020

Content is king, engagement is queen, but when all is said and done, conversion means more than anything.

To put things simply, without consistent sales, a business ceases to exist.

Underwhelming conversion rates and uncertainties not only affect business owners & entrepreneurs in the healthcare & wellness industry, but professionals & employees as well.

And when you feel like you’re doing everything else right, but still haven’t converted into actual sales, it can be extremely frustrating to say the least. But not knowing why is even worse.

We have a tendency to tell ourselves stories about the possible reasons why: “I’m not good enough”, “They found someone more qualified”, or “I just don’t know how to sell”.

But it’s important to take a look at the crux of the matter and get to the underlying causes that explain why your audiences might not be buying.

So when it comes to conversion (or lack thereof),...

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8 Marketing Lessons for Healthcare & Wellness

tips Mar 03, 2020

You’ve just finished conceptualizing the perfect brand using the perfect business model, you’re ready to start offering the most innovative products or services in the market, you’ve got the best team behind your back, AND you have a fiery passion to become the most successful healthcare and wellness entrepreneur in the country… 


What could go wrong, right?


Well, as Beth Comstock once said… “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”.


That’s where marketing comes into play. No matter how good your products or services are, and no matter how amazing your team may be, your market will never know if you don’t tell them about it. That’s why it’s called MARKETing.


Here are 8 marketing lessons for healthcare and wellness business owners to remember when drafting your marketing strategy or managing your marketing team. Hoping these help upcoming entrepreneurs start in...

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Imperfect Action

tips Mar 01, 2020

Have you ever stopped to think how much of your day is spent on nit-picking rather than focusing on higher payoff tasks? In the pursuit of perfect quality control, are you becoming more of a passive thinker rather than an active leader and doer? 


In the context of perfectionism, the words “analysis paralysis” bares great truth. Our job as leaders is not to obsess over details, but to lead our company towards our vision.


Don’t get me wrong, perfectionism is a quality of many successful entrepreneurs. But contrary to popular belief, it is not 100% constructive, and can sometimes even be destructive without our knowing.


Here’s why this mindset is worth revisiting and possibly even reworking.



I believe it was Harry Truman that said “Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction every time”. 


Many entrepreneurs suffer from perfectionism. I know that I did for many many years. It is usually what makes most...

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Are you “content” with your digital content?

tips Feb 24, 2020

Like an innovative and well-crafted dish in any restaurant, great content will always leave your customers satisfied and craving for more on their next visit.


But when you take your own kitchen for granted and start creating content for content’s sake, then don’t be surprised to see some empty tables.


There’s a reason why they say “content is king” whether it’s in the context of marketing campaigns, sales funnels, lead generations, or simply educating your clients. Even organic content has the power to increase audience retention, establish audience trust, build credibility, and ultimately, convert.


It’s true that there’s no one perfect recipe to dishing out the most viral and share-worthy posts, sometimes it’s just a matter of luck. But there are steps you can follow to deliver consistently captivating and compelling content. 


So today, let’s simplify those steps into 7 key ingredients.


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Create 3x Content in ⅓ of the Time!

content creation tips Feb 23, 2020

As a business coach and entrepreneur, I often get questions like “how do you find the time to do all that?” or more commonly “I could never find the time.”


For many healthcare and fitness entrepreneurs, time is our most valuable resource especially being in the trading time for money model which is why time management should be the most important skill to master. 


We spend time not only in marketing and content creation, but in managing our own teams and businesses, and most importantly, in taking care of our families and loved ones.


Time is the one thing we can never get back, that’s why we need to do everything we can to be as efficient as possible.


So how do we do that?



1. To make time, you have to spend time.



Yes, the saying doesn’t only apply to money.


If you missed out on my FB Live video last week, I talked about how to create your best content, and one crucial step is to...

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It’s Time To Ditch This Four-Letter Word

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2019

We all do it. We all use this dirty, four-letter word every now and then. And now we need to stop. Because while it may seem harmless or insignificant, the word “just” is essentially a word that minimizes whatever follows it and is one of the worst 4 letter words we use regularly in our daily language. 

More often than not, using “just” translates into you communicating, “I am inadequate and I don’t measure up to your expectations.”  For example, one of the first questions we ask someone we meet at a party or meeting is, “What do you do?” The response might sound something like, “I am just a stay-at-home mom” or “I am just a Pilates instructor” or “I own a business, but it’s just something I run out of my house.” And if you really pay attention to it the responses that sneak in “just” are often made by women. It’s not often you hear a man diminish his career....

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